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Welcome! How Can We Help You?


FAQ for Clients

How can I search the platform?2019-06-09T18:12:08+06:00

You can use the search box and search for keywords or the name of a service provider.

How can I place an order?2019-06-09T18:40:26+06:00

Once you agree on the task, delivery and price in the chat, you can proceed to make the payment to begin the order.

How can we agree on a price?2019-06-09T18:40:48+06:00

When you contact the service provider, describe the service needed and ask for a quote. You can mutually discuss and agree on the price by using the chat function.

Can I place order from outside India?2019-06-09T18:41:09+06:00

Yes, you can.

Can I talk to the service provider outside the platform?2019-06-09T18:41:29+06:00

No. It is a violation of our Terms of Service

My payment was not accepted. What happened?2019-06-09T18:41:47+06:00

Note: Only Indian issued cards can be used to make payment on the platform.

There can be technical reasons for a declined payment, or that the card or payment account did not have the amount or permission for the payment. Please check with your provider regarding any further details.

What other options are there to finance an order?2019-06-09T18:42:11+06:00

The platform uses PayPal as the payment service provider. All terms and conditions of PayPal can be viewed on its website.

Do I pay the service provider directly when I make an order?2019-06-09T18:42:34+06:00

No, you don´t. When paying for an order in advance, your payment is put on hold and it is only released once you confirm that the order was successfully delivered. In case a service provider asks you any direct or alternative way to pay for the task, please report that to our team immediately.

What if I wish to add something to the existing order?2019-06-09T18:42:54+06:00

Please contact the service provider with your request. Once you agree on the additional details, the service provider will ask you to make the additional payment necessary for the order.

How do I share files as part of the order?2019-06-09T18:43:16+06:00

File exchanges are possible only via links. Users can host files on a third party service (Dropbox, Google Drive…) and share the link in the transaction conversation. The platform does not collect or store any files.

FAQ for Service Providers

Can buyers cancel the order after I deliver?2019-06-09T18:51:37+06:00

In order to avoid revisions and cancellations, it is important that the expectations be set straight with the buyer at the beginning. In cases of dispute, it is advised to mutually settle the differences before approaching Sherlock Zone’s support team.

How can I get paid?2019-06-09T18:51:59+06:00

You get paid when an order is marked successful by the client. Payment is usually transferred into the account within 5-7 days by PayPal. For more information visit

How much is the transaction fee of the platform?2019-09-06T12:21:36+06:00

You get 85% of the total price, the platform takes 15% cut of the transaction from the service provider’s account.

Note: Payment gateway charges apply to every order, in addition to the transaction fee.

Do I have to pay taxes on the income made here?2019-06-09T18:52:38+06:00

It is your responsibility to verify and fulfil your tax related obligations.

How can I start an order?2019-06-09T18:49:40+06:00

When a potential client contacts you, you can communicate with the client and set clear expectations regarding the order. Once confirmed with the client, ask the client to make the payment to begin the order.

How will buyers rate me?2019-06-09T18:49:58+06:00

The service providers on the platform are rated by the clients based on the below parameters:

  • Promptness in replying to the queries of the buyer
  • Overall Interaction with the buyer
  • Providing quality services as agreed with the buyer
  • Recommendation /Willingness of the buyer to buy again from you
  • Quality of deliverables to the satisfaction of the buyer
What if the client is rating me low?2019-06-09T18:50:20+06:00

You can discuss about the satisfaction of the buyer, before the order is closed.

Can I appeal against the feedback given by the buyer after the order was completed?2019-06-09T18:50:39+06:00

No, you cannot.

How can I rate a client or leave a review?2019-06-09T18:50:57+06:00

You have this possibility once the client accepted your delivery and submitted a review about you and your work.

How can I get a more credible profile?2019-06-09T18:51:16+06:00

The buyer satisfaction should be your ultimate objective. The following ways can be indicators to have a stunning profile on our platform:

  • Don’t promise things that you can’t deliver
  • Be polite with your buyer, explain everything in details
  • Be patient with follow up questions and changes with the order
  • Avoid order cancellations

Setting Up An Account

Technical Issue

Why can’t I login to my account on a computer?2019-06-09T19:29:49+06:00

Please check if you are using the correct username and password, and if you are typing them correctly.

Why can’t I login to my account on a mobile?2019-06-09T19:30:13+06:00

Please first check if you are using the correct username and password, and if you are typing them correctly. Then please check if you have internet connection and enough coverage to be able to use our system.

How can I reset my password?2019-06-09T19:30:36+06:00

Just click on the Forgot password? link and follow the steps sent to you by e-mail.

I cannot upload my profile image. What should I do?2019-06-09T19:30:58+06:00

Please make sure that the dimensions, resolution and size of the image meet all requirements.

Reviews and Ratings

How do reviews work?2019-06-09T19:32:39+06:00

Users are prompted to rate and review the other party automatically after each paid transaction.

After a transaction is completed, both client and the service provider can review each other. A review consists of:

  • A positive or negative rating (thumbs up or down).
  • A free-form text comment.
Can users skip the feedback process?2019-06-09T19:33:07+06:00

Yes, users can choose not to review the other party. However, they can’t refuse a review from the other party after a completed transaction.

Where do reviews appear?2019-06-09T19:33:29+06:00

Reviews are visible to everyone on each user’s profile page. A service provider’s rating (percentage of positive ratings and number of ratings) is also shown on each listing page.


How does the payment flow work?2019-06-09T19:35:25+06:00

The following steps occur in a transaction on the platform:

  1. Once the payment is done, the client is taken to a page that displays the transaction details. Note: The service provider needs to accept the transaction before the money is transferred.
  2. The service provider gets an email notification of a new transaction that needs to be accepted. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whatever comes first), the transaction is cancelled and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the payment (minus PayPal’s payment processing fee) is transferred to the service provider’s PayPal account. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction via email.
  3. The platform will charge the transaction fee only if the transaction is successful. This happens as a second transaction from the service provider’s account and is made automatically.
  4. Both users can communicate via the chat box during the order. When the order is completed (service/product is delivered…), they can mark the order as completed
  5. Users can then review each other.

Disputes and Order Cancellation

How do I Dispute a transaction2019-06-11T20:03:28+06:00

The dispute feature is a way for clients to clearly communicate to Service Provider that they are not happy with the way the transaction is handled.


  •   Disputing a transaction doesn’t refund the payment.
  •   When a transaction is disputed the status of the transaction changes to cancelled.
  •   Both the client and the service provider can review each other after a dispute.


If a client has disputed a transaction, it is up to the Service Provider or the Sherlock Zone customer support team to take action. In most cases, discussing with both the client and the service provider will help solve the situation. In some cases, a refund might be requested by the client. The refund needs to be processed manually.

How to refund a transaction after a dispute2019-06-11T20:03:48+06:00

In some cases, clients will ask for a refund after disputing a transaction. In PayPal only the Service Provider can refund the transaction.

Again, note that the dispute button does not automatically refund the payment.

Can transactions be automatically refunded?2019-06-11T20:04:47+06:00

No, a transaction cannot be automatically refunded when a dispute is made; a refund must always be manually handled.

How to issue a refund2019-06-11T20:05:04+06:00

If a transaction goes wrong, clients might ask for a refund from Service Providers.


The Service Provider can issue a full refund to the client from their PayPal account. This means they need to log in at, find the correct transaction and click full or partial refund depending on the case.


Note: If the whole transaction needs to be canceled and refunded, Sherlock Zone also needs to refund the transaction fee part to the Service Provider first (by similar way logging in to and issuing the refund for the correct transaction payment.

Cancellations can affect the ratings of the Service Provider2019-06-11T20:05:17+06:00

The transaction fee of Sherlock Zone will be returned in all the cases where the client demands a refund. This causes extra effort to the Sherlock Zone team. Therefore, all refund requests are viewed seriously. Cancellations affect the ratings of the Service Provider.


Sherlock Zone, at its discretion may investigate the causes of the cancellations and may take appropriate action which may include the removal of the Users from the platform for violation of terms of service.

Is the PayPal payment processing fee refunded?2019-06-11T20:05:27+06:00

PayPal will refund the percentage portion of their fees for both transactions, but not the fixed fees. Visit for more details.

Best Practices for Service Providers

Your Profile Description2019-06-11T20:53:00+06:00

Your description shall be accurate and honest, and give a comprehensive overview about who you are and what type of services you offer.

Skills, Qualification and Experience2019-06-11T20:53:08+06:00

Only add the Skills, Qualification and Experience that relate to the service that you offer. Our team might ask you to present them, so please make sure they are available if asked.


Please set this up with your current location; any usage of proxy or VPN to misrepresent your geographical location is to result in account suspension.


The basic communication language on the platform is English; therefore a high level of writing and understanding is required.

You can in addition upload information about the skills of other languages, but please only add languages that you have a good command and high proficiency of.

Profile Image2019-06-11T20:53:52+06:00

Your profile images shall be representing you in a unique way, and shall be realistic. Please avoid using copyright images or downloads from the internet.


Here please only add examples of your own work. If you wish to publish something from an earlier work for a client, please make sure you asked and received permission for that.


When replying to a client who contacted you, please be as quick as possible, answer each client and do it in a polite, professional way. The platform does not tolerate any harassment, bullying or disrespect.

Before giving the quote, clarify all unclear details of the service requested by the client so as to be sure you cover all when giving the price and the delivery date. Customize the order as much as possible to the client’s needs.

Do not give away your personal contact details and keep all communication within the platform and chat, this is the only way we can protect your rights and earnings.

When communicating, use the languages you listed in your skills.

Do not attempt any unlawful action or any other violation or our Terms of Use.

Possibilities for resolution2019-06-11T20:50:10+06:00

Check out the options that we propose to resolve an issue; they might offer a solution that saves you and the client from cancellation.


When rating your services, our team takes into consideration the cancellations as well. We carefully examine all circumstances and the cases when the cancellation was inevitable will have low impact on your ranking.

Rate of Completed Orders2019-06-11T20:50:27+06:00

One statistic that evaluates a service provider’s performance is rate of completed orders; in this the percentage of cancelled orders is deducted from the total of the orders in the period of the last 60 days.

The Services you offer2019-06-11T20:50:40+06:00

You can avoid cancelation if you only offer services that you can and are qualified to do.


When agreeing on a quote, make sure you are clear on all details. If something is not clarified, consult with the client beforehand. If a cancellation cannot be avoided, start that process as soon as possible so as to minimize the loss of time.


You are expected and asked to do your best to deliver on time; this can be achieved with correct and realistic planning. Very late orders will be automatically effect your rating significantly.

Do not deliver incomplete work just to try to ‘trick’ the system and not to be late. That is a serious violation of our Terms of Use and may result a review of your account.

If you see that more time deeded to deliver, request a delivery time extension from the client as soon as possible.

Service Delivery2019-06-11T20:48:35+06:00

The service that you deliver shall be as is expected and described in the order, and it shall meet all requirements.

  • As a service provider, make sure you only deliver your own work and not being in conflict in any ways with the content of our Terms of Use.
  • You shall deliver high-quality work, regardless the amount of orders and their agreed delivery times.
  • Delayed delivery can harm the client’s business and the service provider’s ratings.
  • Deliver services as agreed with the client, disrespect of this rule is a violation of our Terms of Use.
  • Deliver via the platform.
  • Unless stated otherwise, the client has all intellectual property rights of the delivered information and it is entirely up to the client to allow or disapprove the usage of any part of this material in your portfolio.

Security & Cancellation Policies

Security for service providers2019-06-09T20:18:45+06:00

We work hard and do our best to give you a secure platform, so as you can perform your services and have a working business. We ask you to do the same and respect this platform. The only way we can protect your rights and revenues is if you keep your services here on the platform. Some ground rules:

  • Do not make or encourage transaction outside of the platform.
  • Do not attempt any unlawful action, traffic channelling to other websites, marketing of unrelated products or services or any other violation or our Terms of Use.
  • Do not ask for any login credentials from the client, unless it is necessary for the task completion.
  • Do not harm in any ways other people’s privacy, business, trademarks or copyright.
Security for clients2019-06-09T20:19:08+06:00

We do our best to provide a secure platform with quality services. We kindly ask you to keep all order related communications and transactions within our system, so as you can benefit from the possibilities and advantages we have available, this is also the way we can help you if any issue comes up related to the orders. Furthermore, we ask you to follow the below recommendations:

  • Do not make or encourage transaction outside of the platform.
  • Do not attempt any unlawful action, traffic channelling to other websites, marketing of unrelated products or services or any other violation or our Terms of Use.
  • Do not harm in any ways other people’s privacy, business, trademarks or copyright.
Policy for order cancellation2019-06-09T20:19:33+06:00

We suggest our users to communicate with each other and try to find a mutually acceptable solution in case of any dispute.

Our team will cancel order based on, but not limited to the followings:

In case of orders in process:

  • the service provider is late and not responsive after the order is marked late
  • users are abusive towards each other (threatening with poor ratings or with usage of personal information against the other)
  • the order contains material that violates copyright or trademark
  • the user’s account was deactivated due to violation of the Terms of Use or closure of the account

In case of order that are delivered, but not marked completed:

  • the service provider marked the order delivered without providing the final service/material (repetition of this may result in account suspension)
  • the service provider did not deliver any files or services described in the order (in case of subjectivity, it is our team that reviews the situation)
  • the service provider is asking for additional payments – here or outside of this platform – and withdraws the final delivery
  • the service provider is withholding the final delivery for improved ratings in return
  • client is placing revision request(s) in an abusive way
  • client is threatening with bad reviews in order to receive additional services or extra work, not included in the original order

In case of completed orders:

  • the order contains material that violates copyright or trademark and this can be clearly proven
  • clients using the information other than the agreed way, ex.: violation or misuse of commercial rights
  • it violates our terms of Use
  • improper usage of the platform